Friday, 23 May 2014

Introducing, BrUTAUloid


What is BrUTAUloid?
Like every other UTAUloids, the belong to certain people/group. And BrUTAUloid are UTAUloids made from Brunei Darussalam.

"Who" are in the BrUTAUloids series?
Niji Yuniko is the very first installment of the BrUTAUloid, he is voiced by myself (Niji Yuniko). He's up for download, so grab him now before he was taken down for NEWER updates!

??? - Unnamed, he will be voiced by my best friend. He will be released UN-ANNOUNCED, so keep your eyes open wide.

Lin Yuniko - Niji's singing partner. She will be voiced by UNREVEALED. She's in recording stage.

Will there be other languages installed to the BrUTAUloids?
Maybe, but Niji Yuniko might be updated with English and Korean voicebank.

Where can I download the voicebanks?
Head over to the UTAUloid's Wiki.